Grey Mortar – Rainproof Bag

WESTBUILD General Purpose Grey Mortar contains brickies sand, with blended grey cement & lime.

Grey Mortar


Westbuild Dry-Mix Mortar provides excellent workability and is Ideal for laying bricks or blocks for retaining, garden walls and general repair jobs around the building site, home or garden.

Available Quantities

9.5kg DIY bag, with carry handle (paper bag). 
20kg bag - 60 bags per pallet (1.2t) Rainproof, tear resistant bag


Store in a dry Environment, off concrete floors in the original unopened bag.

Quick Information

  • 10mm x 100mm wide = 10 lineal metres of mortar

  • Thoroughly mix with correct water prior to use.
  • Do not add more water as the mix dries out.

Further Information

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