Bulk Fill Mortar High Build Course Screeding Mortar

Westbuild’s 8kg Bulk Fill Screed is ideal for constructing concrete floor ramps, building up concrete levels, creating falls and levelling, filling, patching and other applications of 10-100mm.

With an ideal application thickness of 10-100mm, Bulk Fill Mortar is an engineered, polymer modified, course mortar that offers rapid strength gain. Consistency is adjustable by adding more or less water as required.

Bulk Fill Mortar


  • Ready to use
  • Shrinkage compensated for long term dimensional stability
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Engineered, polymer modified, course bulk fill mortar
  • Ideal application thickness 10 – 100mm
  • Adjustable consistency

Available Quantities

8kg pail - 32 pails/pallet. Conveniently packaged and supplied in a mixing pail containing a separate, sealed bag of the Bulk Fill Mortar.

Quick Information

  • Refer to product TDS for information before use.
  • Bulk Fill Mortar 8kg is part of the Westbuild 8kg Repair Mortars range - Construction Grout, Perth, Western Australia.


Open pails: simply use the desired amount and return the bag back into the bucket for future use. Unopened pails can be stored outside in any weather conditions for extended periods of time.

Further Information

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