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Westbuild’s range of specialty Cement Additives & Primers will ensure maximum performance when used with Westbuild Pro™ Waterproofing Systems, together wtih Westbuild’s levelling mortars and tiling adhesives.

Cement Additives & Primers

Westbuild PRO™ Cement Additives & Primers are is designed to improve system strength and application adhesion, reduce the formation of surface bubbling and promote maximum adhesion and coverage of the overlaying product.

Multi Surface Prime & Prep

Multi Surface Prime & Prep is a one coat system designed to instantly prepare and improve adhesion of Westbuild tiling systems, waterproofing membranes, renders and levelling mortars to all difficult to adhere, non-porous surfaces.

Westbuild PRO Multi Surface Prime & Prep can be used directly over glazed tiles, plastic, galvanized iron, zincalume and most metal surfaces to instantly prepare the surface ready to accept new coverings without etching or surface grinding.

Available Quantities:

15kg Pail (168-180m2 based on a single coat).
2kg Bottle

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General Purpose Primer

General Purpose Primer is a multipurpose rubber polymer system designed to be used with Wet Area Waterproofing and Westbuild levelling compounds.

Westbuild PRO General Purpose Primer is developed to improve adhesion, reduce the formation of surface bubbling and promote maximum adhesion and coverage of the overlaying product.

Available Quantities:

12kg Pail

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Flexible Additive Fortifier & Primer

Flexible Additive Fortifier & Primer is a multipurpose SBR polymer which may be incorporated in any cement based product to further improve the workability, durability, strength, adhesion, chemical and moisture resistance.

Westbuild PRO Flexible Additive & Fortifier can be used in tiling screeds, tiling adhesives, building mortars and renders.

Available Quantities:

12L Pail
2kg Bottle

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Waterproofing Systems

Westbuild PRO™ Waterproofing Systems are designed and engineered in Australia for both Commercial and Domestic applications.

Wet Area Waterproofing

Polyurethane (PU) modified, Permanently Flexible, Rapid Drying Class III Waterproof Membrane.

Westbuild PRO, Wet Area Waterproofing is compliant with the following standards:
AS4858:2004, AS3740:2010, AS4654, Low VOC Green Star IEQ V2 2013, Green Star Office V2/V3, APAS 181, AS4020:2005

Available Quantities:

12L Pail (12m2 based on 2 coats)

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A strong, flexible fabric designed to reinforce Wet Area Waterproofing to form a strong, integrated membrane sheet. Polyweb will enhance the tensile strength, tear resistance, crack bridging and puncture resistance of membranes.

Available Quantities:

50 metre roll, 100mm wide

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