Floor Levelling Products

The most important consideration prior to the installation of any subsequent floor coverings is to ensure a flat, true subfloor. Westbuild offers a traditional premixed screed, as well as a highly versatile free flowing, self smoothing levelling compound. Our floor levelling compounds are designed for ease of use and effortless application – to create the perfect substrate to most types of floor coverings such as tile, vinyl or carpet.

Engineered Screed

Fast drying and high strength, Westbuild Engineered Screed is […]

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Floor Leveller

Floor Leveller Levelling Compound 1-25mm

Floor Leveller 1-25mm is ideal for levelling and floor preparation prior to installation of carpet, vinyl or tiles.

Available Quantities:

8kg pail - 32 pails/pallet. Conveniently packaged and supplied in a mixing pail containing a separate, sealed bag of the Floor Leveller.

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Easy Screed Mix – Bulk Flooring Screed – 1 Tonne Bulk Bag

Bulk Easy Screed. Delivered to site in 1 Tonne Bulk Bag, Easy Screed Mix is a reliable bulk flooring screed mix designed for consistent performance and ease of use.

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Level It

Level It – Floor Leveller

Floor Leveller – a free flowing and self levelling underlay suitable for floor levelling and preparation prior to the installation of most type of floor coverings such as ceramic tile, vinyl or carpet.

Available Quantities:

20kg bag - 56 bags per pallet (1.2t). Multi wall paper bag.

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Easy Screed Mix – Flooring Screed

Easy Screed Mix – a factory prepared premixed blend of premium dried sands & general purpose cement. A consistent premixed flooring screed.

Available Quantities:

20kg bag - 60 bags per pallet (1.2t). FlexiPackTM Polyethylene (PE) packaging.

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