Construction Grout General Purpose Class A Grout

Westbuild’s 8kg Construction Grout is a Class A grout suitable for grouting around anchor bolts, starter bars and precast panels, and filling voids, recesses and core holes.

Engineered for general grouting applications, Construction Grout is non-corrosive to steel reinforcement and is shrinkage compensated with a final compressive strength up to 50MPa..

With an ideal application thickness of 10-50mm, Construction Grout can be mixed to a flowable, plastic or stiff/dry-pack consistency, adjustable by adding more or less water as required.

Construction Grout


  • Class A Grout
  • Non-corrosive to steel reinforcement
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • High compressive strength
  • Final compressive strength up to 50MPa
  • Ideal application thickness 10 – 50mm
  • Adjustable consistency – flowable, plastic or dry-pack

Available Quantities

8kg pail - 32 pails/pallet. Conveniently packaged and supplied in a mixing pail containing a separate, sealed bag of the Construction Grout.

Quick Information

  • 1x 8kg bucket yields approx. 4 litres of finished product.
  • Refer to product TDS for information before use.
  • Construction Grout 8kg is part of the Westbuild 8kg Repair Mortars range - Construction Grout, Perth, Western Australia.

Further Information

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