KWIKSET Concrete Dry Mix – 9.5kg DIY Bag

Westbuild 9.5kg KWIKSET™ Concrete is a conveniently packaged blend of selected sand, general purpose cement, aggregates and fast setting additives. It is particularly suited for DIY applications requiring fast setting support with no mixing required.

Available in a compact 9kg bag, it is perfect for small projects around the home.


  • Ready to use, fast setting concrete mix with a rapid set time of 5 – 15 minutes.
  • KWIKSET concrete is a fast setting concrete, and typical strength can be less then 15MPa.
  • Ideal for fencing posts, clothes hoists, letterboxes, and any non-structural posts requiring a quick set time, stabilizing support.
  • Use whenever a ready-to-use concrete mix and rapid set time is required.
  • Suited to setting most post types including steel and timber in a fast setting concrete.

Available Quantities

9.5kg DIY bag - 112 bags per pallet; part pallet 56 bags. Single bags available.
20kg bag - 60 bags per pallet (1.2t) Rainproof, tear resistant bag


9.5kg DIY bag should be stored in a dry environment, off concrete floors in the original unopened bag for up to 12 months. High levels of humidity will reduce the shelf life of the product

Quick Information

  • KWIKSET concrete is a fast setting concrete, and typical strength can be less then 15MPa. Not to be used for general concrete works, or where surface finishing is required.
  • If structural strength is required, use Westbuild General Purpose Concrete, or Westbuild Concrete40 for high strength application.
  • Always add Kwikset powder to water, not the other way around.
Further Information

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