M4 Mortar High Strength – Cream

WESTBUILD High Strength cream mortar is an M4 mortar blend conforming to AS3700. High strength mortar is ideal for all industrial, commercial and residential brick and block construction, including along coastal and river waters, where a cream or limestone coloured finish is required. Also suitable for retaining walls, in aggressive soils or for use below the damp proof course (DPC).

1 x 20kg bag of Cream M4 Mortar will lay approximately 20 standard bricks.


  • Pre-blended - conforms to AS3700 - M4 Mortar Classification
  • Coastal Mortar - Use within 1km of a coastline or 100m of an estuary
  • Ready to use Dry Mix product – just add water
  • Available in Grey and Cream mortar colours
Compare the benefits Rainproof bag Traditional Paper bag
Same quality product inside
Can be stored outdoors - No tarp required
Tear resistant
Reduces dust – cleaner to transport
No product leakage – less waste
Cleaner to handle
And all for the same price

Available Quantities


Store in a dry Environment, off concrete floors in the original unopened bag.

Technical Information