Structural24 – Rapid Strength Concrete – Rainproof Bag

Structural24 is a high strength, fast setting concrete with typical structural strengths of 28MPa achieved within 24 hours. Within 72 hours, strengths of up to 50MPa will be achieved.

Structural24 is a specialty product particularly suited to time critical projects and where high performance concrete is required.



  • Structural24 is a high performance concrete suited to all high stress, load bearing and high performance applications.
  • When mixed with the correct amount of water, Structural24 will achieve strengths of up to 50MPa in 72 hours.
Compare the benefits Rainproof bag Traditional Paper bag
Same quality product inside
Can be stored outdoors - No tarp required
Tear resistant
Reduces dust – cleaner to transport
No product leakage – less waste
Cleaner to handle
And all for the same price

Available Quantities

20kg bag - 60 bags per pallet (1.2t) Rainproof, tear resistant bag


Can be stored outside.

Quick Information

  • 1 x 20kg bag = 0.01m3
  • 50 x 20kg bags = 0.5m3
  • 100 x 20kg bags = 1.0m3

  • Ensure the correct amount of water is used.
  • To achieve correct strength, thorough mixing is required.

Further Information

Please visit our technical centre

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